The Fingerstyle Artist

The Fingerstyle Artist is a responsive guitar with a wonderful sparkle, 
a striking balance and a huge dynamic range. 
Fingerstylists adore it.
The Fingerstyle Artist is slightly larger than a Grand Auditorium model. Thanks to its pronounced, graceful curves, this guitar sits comfortably in your lap. Despite its size, the Fingerstyle Artist won’t overdrive when played hard with a pick.
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The Archback Fingerstyle Artist

The Archback Fingerstyle Artist has a tuned, braceless hand-carved arched back and a parabolic XA top bracing.
Because the arched back is not braced, it can resonate freely and act as a second membrane. The highs are of a piano-like clarity and the basses are deeper than on a first-class regular guitar. Even when played gently, this guitar produces enough volume to fill a medium sized auditorium without amplification.
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The Dinah

The Dinah is reminiscent to the grandeur of the large bodied guitars of the late Art Deco Era. This Jumbo with its Maccaferri-style cutaway is painstakingly hand tuned to provide true complex separation in all registers and make it suitable for fingerstyle playing techniques.
The Dinah is a rich, versatile instrument, not only by its looks but especially by its articulation qualities. Many players are amazed by the articulation afforded in this superlative instrument.
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Electrics - details coming soon

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